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Choreographic Statement 

I am driven by the emboldened ordinary. My choreographic work focuses on everyday ordinary experiences and heightens them to become a humorous and feminist manifestation of the mundane. Much of the everyday actions I investigate in my movement is drawing from how many habitual actions that are small personal performances for oneself.  I work to juxtapose that by creating these everyday personal performances into a spectacle pursuit for the stage.

As the ordinary and the everyday unfolds in my work, it becomes more and more eccentric. I want to cultivate an environment that has a dream-like absurdity to amplify the nonsensical of the familiar. I work in crescendos, decrescendos, non sequiturs, and maximalist vs minimalistic themes to help build this experience. I utilize the eccentric against the ordinary to create a contrast that is often humorous, yet in reality, holds truth.  

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